The Only Superpower – the United States(II)

The United States is not only economically powerful, but the military is also the only one in the world. At present, no country in the world can compete with the United States. We all know that Russia is a military power, but Russia’s military capabilities can only be with the United States, the United States leads the world for at least 20 years in terms of conventional weapons. The US military has almost reached 50% of the global military expenditure. The United States with strong technology and abundant funds is also powerful.Galvanized Steel Tube

A country is strong. In addition to the hard power of economics and military, there is another important aspect that is cultural soft power. Hollywood in the United States is a world film factory. American cultural values are transmitted to the whole world. The former Soviet Union was killed by American invade. These have subtly enhanced the influence of the United States. Superman, Spider-Man, and these movies, as everyone knows, have brought the influence of the United States to the world, and strong cultural influence is also an important force in American hegemony. The United States’ technology is also a global leader. The world’s major high-tech companies are in the Silicon Valley of the United States. In the history of the United States, more than 260 people won the Nobel Prize, ranking first in the world. In the fields of computers, nuclear industry, aerospace, electronic communications, and biomedical, the United States has a dominant position.