Cool Home Automation Systems

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, you can find automation anywhere, even at your home, you can enjoy this fun.

Automation anywhere

This world is changing, from the very first people use a wood to lock the door to today’s lock and the safe door, from the original to the modern, we have made a lot of breakthrough. So nowadays, modernization has already become an important part of our life, one of what modernization brings to us is automation. In today’s world, you can see automation anywhere, from the keyless entry/smart lock to whole-home system, you can see there are so many automation in your daily life, they are just in your house. Not only in our daily life, but also in the industrial field, we can find a lot of automation, the machine will never be controlled by human, they listen to the order of computer and can do their jobs by themselves. Therefore, human can have a rest.

Why does modernization become an important part of our life? With the improvement of our life, more and more people do not like to work so much, in other words, they are lazier, and the science and technology is developing, human’s brain is developing as well, so they may want to invent something that can help them do some jobs, so the automation machines which are controlled by the computer are born, so now you can see automation anywhere.

Today’s article is going to talk about some automation you can see around your life.

Keyless Entry/Smart Lock

The Connect is one of the best smart locks in today’s market which has a Grade 1 security rating, it is the highest in the market. A motorized deadbolt is one of its features with 30 separate user codes can be held, it can be locked, unlocked and monitored no matter where you are.

There is an illuminated, fingerprint-resistant touchscreen on the Schlage Connect which can protect against smudges and wear patterns.

Besides, the Sense which is a new tech on Schlage Connect, it is used to open your doors through voice command. In addition, you cannot only use the voice, but also your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can help you unlock your door with Apple HomeKit technology.

Automation anywhere

Home Climate Control

Since 2011, the Nest Learning Thermostat has been the leader of climate-control market with a larger and sharper display. Now, there are some new developments on it, you can set time and temperature from a distance, it can also alert you when your furnace has some potential problems.

You can program the Nest to anticipate your needs, you can let it do what ever you want it to do.

Automation anywhere

Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

The second of the climate-control market is the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat which support Wi-Fi to help you use it more efficiently.

It can be easily install and program with color display choices which can match your walls. It can show you humidity levels even your local weather forecast.

With Wi-Fi, it can make automation come true. There are four schedule points in each day: wake, leave, return and sleep. Besides, you can also use an app to control it when you at work, which is better fit for your real life.

Automation anywhere

Automated Window Shades

When you comfortably sit on your sofa, and the sky is becoming dark, you need to close your window shades, but you are watching a wonderful movie and you don’t want to stand up to close it; or you just wake up and the sunshine is very nice, so you need the sunshine give you energy to wake you up. There is the Lutron Sivoia QS Wireless which can release you and help you do that job.

If you want to have a try, the Sivoia honeycomb shades can give you the best beginning.

Smart Home-Theater System

No matter what kind of home theater system appears in the market, the Bose always has compliment in the audio industry. The smart home theater system of Bose has five wired speakers, a wireless adaptor, wireless Acoustimass module, control console.

The Bose SoundTouch 520 is a new type with easy introduction which can be easily used.

automation anywhere

Sonos 5.1 Home Theater System

It is the second system in the home theater system market which has a nine-speaker PLAYBAR sound bar, a SUB for bass and a pair of PLAY. You can also use your IOS or Android to control it from a far distance.

automation anywhere

Whole-Home System

All the cool home automation systems mentioned above are the single products, this one is the whole home system.

If you want one product to control your whole house, the Control 4 is the best one for you to choose, which covers energy management, lighting, thermostats, window coverings, environmental sensors, door locks, garage doors, security cameras, entry sensors and home theaters.

automation anywhere

Savant and HomeSeer

The second of whole home system is an Apple-based home-automation system which fits people who live and breathe by their iPhones and Macs. However, it is a little expensive, or you have an enough budget, this is the best option for you.

automation anywhere

You can see automation anywhere, and the market of it is huge and expanding every day, touch-screen shower controls, TVs embedded in mirrors and mattresses that analyze your sleep are all the new automation systems that will come true. In the future, when you come to your house, the moment you open your door, window shades are closed, water for bath is ready, TV and air condition are on, all things have been ready for you, the only thing you need to do is to enjoy your life.


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